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Course News:
  • Brackenridge Park –  Open/Carts 90 degrees
  • Cedar Creek –  Open/Carts 90 degrees  (Range Open)
  • Mission del Lago –  Open/Carts 90 degrees (Range Open)
  • Northern Hills –  Open/Carts 90 degrees  (Range Open)
  • Riverside – Open/Carts 90 degrees
  • San Pedro – Par 3 Open / Range Open / Simulator Open
  • Willow Springs –   Open/Carts 90 degrees

The top 10 ways to be a better bunker player

BY: KELLIE STENZEL, TOP 100 TEACHER OCTOBER 11, 2020 Greenside sand shots seem to instill fear is so many, and I can relate. The wide variety of different bad shots can range from barely advancing the ball to thining the ball so far that you may have to yell “fore” at golfers on the green. This wide…

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Do You Know How High To Tee Your Driver?

By Keely Levins How do you tee up your ball when you’re hitting driver? Do you have one of those tees that has lines on it that lets you know how high the tee should be? Do you measure with your pinky? Or do you more go by feel? There are a lot of theories out…

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Topdressing and Quality Greens

After sand topdressing is applied, it is common to hear reactions like, “The putting greens were perfect, why did the superintendent need to apply sand to them?” Remember, although some agronomic practices such as topdressing can temporarily impact playability, they are implemented for a reason – to produce the best possible putting surfaces.   Topdressing…

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Players Club Birthday Rounds

Players Club members receive a free green fee during the month of their birthday. A sample is below. DISCLAIMER: You must have an active membership at the time of usage to take advantage of this benefit, and while you must pay the cart fee regardless of time of day, riding or walking. This round MUST…

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Cleveland Golf Scoring Clinic – May 13th

When:Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 6:00pm (Lasting 90-120 minutes) Where:San Pedro Driving Range and Par36102 San Pedro AveSan Antonio, TX 78216 Did you know that 2 out of every 3 shots occur from within 125 yards of the hole? The key to scoring is learning the secrets from 125 yards and in. Join teaching professional…

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10 strategy tips for golfers who know nothing about course management

BY: KELLIE STENZEL, TOP 100 TEACHER MAY 9, 2020 Good golfers often look as though they aren’t working very hard. This is because they’re being more efficient and making smart decisions. You can, too. Here’s how: 1. Give it a rip Longer drives convert to lower scores. This is a proven fact and one of the most…

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Sean Foley: How to Hit a Draw

By Sean Foley Photos by Stephen Szurlej Many of you would probably give up red meat if you could consistently hit a sweet, little draw. If you’ve struggled for years trying to get the ball to start just right of the target and curve back to it, stop blaming a lack of ability. It might be a lack…

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Here are the 11 best (and a few of the worst!) foods to eat during a golf round

By Pat RalphGETTY IMAGES/AMAZON Here’s one thing all golfers have in common: we like to eat. Before, during and after a round. While some snacks are great for energy and focus, others can drag you down. To identify the best and worst, we got some help from nutritionist Marc Halpern, who runs a personal training and…

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4 Steps to Make Your Next Fairway Bunker Shot a Great One

If you’re standing over a fairway bunker shot thinking: ‘Pick the ball out of the sand,’ you’re already setting yourself up for trouble. Mike Malaska, who’s on our list of Golf Digest Best 50 Teachers, says you should hit the ball and then the sand when you’re hitting out of a fairway bunker. To get…

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Rockin’ G Grill NOW OPEN @ MDL

Now open at Mission del Lago! Open 7am to 8pm Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. MENU

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