The Best Courses at the Best Possible Prices.

  • Brackenridge Park –  Open / Carts 90 degrees
  • Cedar Creek –  Open / Carts 90 degrees (Range Open)
  • Mission del Lago – Open / Carts 90 degrees (Range Open)
  • Northern Hills –  Open / Cart 90 degrees (Range closed till 11am)
  • Riverside –  Open / Carts 90 degrees
  • San Pedro – Par 3 Open Walking Only / Range Open / Simulator Open
  • Willow Springs –   Open / Carts 90 degrees

The Proper Way to Hit a Fairway Wood

By Mike Southern A well struck fairway wood should always feel solid at the point of impact. Many players struggle to hit their fairway woods solidly. They make the mistake of trying to “sweep” the ball off the ground, sometimes even trying to lift the ball with the club; this results in a thin or…

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KSAT 12 News and the Alamo City Golf Trail

Number of golfers rising during pandemic as more kids, families taking an interest Alamo City Golf Trail seeing boom that will help finance local projects Max Massey, Reporter/AnchorAzian Bermea, Photojournalist SAN ANTONIO – Over the past year golf has become more and more popular and that influx of players is not slowing down. Since the COVID-19…

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Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know

s golfers, a small amount of our time and attention can go a long way in helping to maintain high-quality playing conditions on the courses we play. Repairing ball marks on the putting greens is an easy way to make a positive impact, but the importance of ball mark repair and the proper tools and technique are often misunderstood. Here are five…

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VIP Club

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10 short game tricks to instantly lower your score

BY: KELLIE STENZEL, TOP 100 TEACHER  Maintain the triangle formed by your shoulders and arms at address throughout your motion. The club will hug the ground and catch every chip super-crisp. One of the most efficient ways to lower your golf scores is to improve your short game. A combination of good technique, proper shot selection,…

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Rickie Fowler’s secrets to reading greens like an expert

Rickie Fowler’s putting tips can help you start reading greens like a book. GETTY IMAGES Even 20/20 vision might not be enough to save you from being blind as a bat around the green. Reading a line is a skill that requires an amalgam of information, ability and patience. The good news is, if you’re…

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Why Do Mowers Follow Me Around The Course?

Golf is the only sport where the field is being maintained while it is in play. As a result, we often see the maintenance staff during our round, especially fairway and rough mowers.

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Why treating every putt as a straight putt can help you on the green

“Every putt is a straight putt” is an old adage that’s been used for years. While it’s not true in a literal sense, the idea is a good one in terms of thinking about hitting a straight ball on every putt, and allowing the slope of the terrain make the ball break toward the hole.   You don’t…

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Nick Flanagan Adult Clinics

Due to the overwhelming response, Nick has added a series of adult group lessons! Four One Hour Classes (dates & times are in the link below) Limited Time Special Pricing $129.00 per person (Regular rate is $199.00) Only four students per class to ensure small student to coach ratios. Have you ever wondered what it…

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These 5 simple stretches will improve your flexibility and help your golf swing

BY: RACHEL BLEIER AUGUST 26, 2020 Roll up to the course just before your tee time. Hit some golf balls. Play 18 holes. Perplexed by why you feel tight during and after your round. Does this routine sound familiar? If you’re like most golfers, you probably know how important flexibility is to the swing — Tour players…

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