The Best Courses at the Best Possible Prices.

  • Brackenridge Park – Open/Cart Path Only

  • Cedar Creek – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Mission del Lago – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Northern Hills – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Olmos Basin – Closed for improvements – Reopening Fall 2021

  • Riverside – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect

  • San Pedro – Par 3 / Range Operating Normally

  • Willow Springs – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect

First Tee Invitational

San Antonio Women’s Golf Association is sponsoring the First Tee Invitational at Brackenridge Park Golf Course Wednesday, April 21, 2021 6:30am – 7:30am

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Topdressing and Quality Greens

After sand topdressing is applied, it is common to hear reactions like, “The putting greens were perfect, why did the superintendent need to apply sand to them?” Remember, although some agronomic practices such as topdressing can temporarily impact playability, they are implemented for a reason – to produce the best possible putting surfaces.   Topdressing…

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7 airtight excuses to get out of work and go play golf

Golf is a game of honor and integrity. But let’s face it, sometimes in order to play this great game of honor and integrity, you need to be less than honest. What does one do when it’s 80 degrees and sunny, and you’ve just been asked to be a fourth? Here are seven airtight excuses.…

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Olmos Basin Improvements

Starting Monday, January 4th, Olmos Basin golf course will be closing for approximately 9 months for renovations. Check back here for updates, photos, and videos of our progress. We are releasing the plans of each hole, every other day until we post all 18! Built over 55 years ago, Olmos Basin has seen hundreds of…

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Sean Foley: How to Hit a Draw

By Sean Foley Photos by Stephen Szurlej Many of you would probably give up red meat if you could consistently hit a sweet, little draw. If you’ve struggled for years trying to get the ball to start just right of the target and curve back to it, stop blaming a lack of ability. It might be a lack…

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10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette

By Arnold Palmer I. Don’t be the slowest player In my casual games at Bay Hill, we get around in under four hours — and that’s in fivesomes. Evaluate your pace of play honestly and often, and if you’re consistently the slowest one in your group, you’re a slow player, period. Encourage everyone to move…

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Watch And Study Senior Golf Pros To Help Hit Longer Drives

By watching professionals of similar age and build swing the club, senior golfers can imitate certain characteristics and build them into their own swing A senior golfer similar in age to Tom Watson, for example, will learn more watching Tom than Tiger Woods in the quest to hit the ball longer. This isn’t because Tiger…

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What you can learn from Dustin Johnson’s practice habits

A lot of guys misunderstand quality practice. They think they’re getting value out of going to the range and beating balls for hours. But if you’re not working on the correct things, not practicing with any kind of focus, you’re actually hurting your game. Me? I can’t focus that long, and I get bored fast.…

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How to make the golf hole bigger when you putt, according to science

We’ve all been there. We know what it’s like. You’re standing over a makeable putt — maybe it’s for birdie, or for a clutch par — so you decide to give it a little something extra. You hit the putt firm, watch as it rolls towards the hole… and then groan in agony as it…

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Single Rider Policy Change – Effective May 3, 2021

Beginning Monday May 3rd, a single rider will be required to pay the regular cart fee of $16.00, plus an additional $8.00 + Tax to ride alone for 18 holes, or $4.00 + Tax for 9 holes. (provided that there are carts available at the time of check in). For just shy of a year…

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