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  • Brackenridge Park – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect

  • Cedar Creek – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Mission del Lago – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Northern Hills – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect (Range Open)

  • Olmos Basin – Closed for improvements – Reopening Fall 2021

  • Riverside – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect

  • San Pedro – Par 3 / Range Operating Normally

  • Willow Springs – Open/90 Degree Cart Rule in effect

Tips and Suggestions for Improving Pace of Play

Playing at a better pace is not about hurrying up or rushing around the course. It is simply about being more efficient with your valuable time, as well as everyone else’s. Adopting this mindset – and not being afraid to share it with your fellow players – will ultimately add enjoyment to your golf experience.…

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Watch And Study Senior Golf Pros To Help Hit Longer Drives

By watching professionals of similar age and build swing the club, senior golfers can imitate certain characteristics and build them into their own swing A senior golfer similar in age to Tom Watson, for example, will learn more watching Tom than Tiger Woods in the quest to hit the ball longer. This isn’t because Tiger…

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10 Rules for Good Golf Etiquette

By Arnold Palmer I. Don’t be the slowest player In my casual games at Bay Hill, we get around in under four hours — and that’s in fivesomes. Evaluate your pace of play honestly and often, and if you’re consistently the slowest one in your group, you’re a slow player, period. Encourage everyone to move…

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Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know

s golfers, a small amount of our time and attention can go a long way in helping to maintain high-quality playing conditions on the courses we play. Repairing ball marks on the putting greens is an easy way to make a positive impact, but the importance of ball mark repair and the proper tools and technique are often misunderstood. Here are five…

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Volunteers Needed at First Tee – Greater San Antonio! Make A Difference Today!

With 29 programs across 8 San Antonio locations, we have flexible and fun opportunities for you to make a difference. First Tee – Greater San Antonio is about so much more than golf – it is about strengthening our community. And you can help, whether you play golf or not. You only need to enjoy…

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Fix Your Putting Stroke

The Worst Miss: Short and low: The problem is, you’re slicing your putts—here’s why

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How to make the golf hole bigger when you putt, according to science

We’ve all been there. We know what it’s like. You’re standing over a makeable putt — maybe it’s for birdie, or for a clutch par — so you decide to give it a little something extra. You hit the putt firm, watch as it rolls towards the hole… and then groan in agony as it…

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7 Ways to Improve Your Golf Focus

Like it or not, golf is a long game. There are very few sports that can take almost 5 hours to complete. Hence it’s no surprise that a common question I get is: “how do I improve my focus for golf and hold it for all 18 holes?” At some point during the back nine,…

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Beginner Golf Tip: Keeping Up the Pace of Play

Many people take up golf for the game’s leisurely aspects. The calm, slow pace separates golf from most sports and makes it an excellent stress-buster. That said, golfers aren’t expected to dawdle on the course. The phrase “take your time” has its limits, especially when the course is busy.  Experienced golfer prefer to play at a…

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Topdressing and Quality Greens

After sand topdressing is applied, it is common to hear reactions like, “The putting greens were perfect, why did the superintendent need to apply sand to them?” Remember, although some agronomic practices such as topdressing can temporarily impact playability, they are implemented for a reason – to produce the best possible putting surfaces.   Topdressing…

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