Range Ball Info/Update

We wanted to share with you that we are aware of the ailing condition of the range balls at our Cedar Creek, Mission del Lago, Northern Hills, and San Pedro range facilities.  The golf industry is suffering the same supply chain issues that many other industries are facing.

We have had new range balls ordered since June and are hopeful that they will begin to arrive in the coming weeks. We will put them into the rotation as soon as they are received.

Factories that make everything from titanium driver heads to cabretta leather golf gloves in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam have been shut down for several periods due to COVID-19 over the last 18 months, and many are shutting down again as COVID cases rise in those countries. This issue is not limited to Asia, as a recent story in Golf Digest stated that “Even domestic operations like ball plants are fighting challenges in getting the ingredients to make their products. The deep freeze in Texas this winter took important chemical plants offline, slowing the delivery of a key polymer that golf ball companies need.”

We thank you for your patience, and thank you for playing the Trail!