The Best Courses at the Best Possible Prices.

  • Brackenridge Park –  Open / Carts 90 degrees
  • Cedar Creek –  Open / Carts 90 degrees (Range Open)
  • Mission del Lago – Open / Carts 90 degrees (Range Open)
  • Northern Hills –  Open / Cart 90 degrees (Range closed till 11am)
  • Riverside –  Open / Carts 90 degrees
  • San Pedro – Par 3 Open Walking Only / Range Open / Simulator Open
  • Willow Springs –   Open / Carts 90 degrees

Warm Weather Golfing

Early Morning Tee Times – Beat the heat by booking your tee time before the temperatures rise.Hydrate – Start drink water a couple of hours before you tee off, and opt for sports drinks on the course to replenish your energy. Avoid drinks with high alcohol content, caffeine, or high amounts of sugar.Sunblock – Apply…

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5 reasons why you should play from the forward tees (you’ll thank us later)

BY: ZEPHYR MELTON  In the 2020 Distance Insights Report, the USGA and R&A concluded that the average male golfer hits their driver just 216 yards. For females that number drops to 148 yards. In other words, most golfers don’t hit the ball very far — and yet most still play from pretty ambitious tee boxes. Based on my experience…

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4 Steps to Make Your Next Fairway Bunker Shot a Great One

If you’re standing over a fairway bunker shot thinking: ‘Pick the ball out of the sand,’ you’re already setting yourself up for trouble. Mike Malaska, who’s on our list of Golf Digest Best 50 Teachers, says you should hit the ball and then the sand when you’re hitting out of a fairway bunker. To get…

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Players Club Birthday Rounds

Players Club members receive a free green fee during the month of their birthday. A sample is below. DISCLAIMER: You must have an active membership at the time of usage to take advantage of this benefit, and while you must pay the cart fee regardless of time of day, riding or walking. This round MUST…

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How to Rake a Bunker

By Paul Jacobs, agronomist, Northeast Region Superintendents work hard to provide good bunker playability and presentation, but the maintenance team can only do so much. Once they have completed daily bunker maintenance it’s in our hands as golfers to keep bunkers looking and playing great. Doing a good job raking bunkers is an easy way…

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5 common mistakes high handicap golfers make way too often

BY: LUKE KERR-DINEEN  Many higher-handicap golfers think their games need a total overhaul for them to reach the promised land of being a consistent 80s-shooter. Often, that task seems so monumental they discourage themselves from trying before they even start, which is a shame, because whether they realize it or not, most golfers are closer to…

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3 Stretches for When You’re in a Hurry to Get to the 1st Tee

BY: AMANDA BALIONIS SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 The stretches are perfect for when you’re running late for your tee time. In our golf fantasy world, we have a late-Sunday afternoon tee time at Augusta National, with all day to warm up in our quest to win the green jacket. In reality, we’re running late again — traffic jam, kid’s soccer…

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Why Do Mowers Follow Me Around The Course?

Golf is the only sport where the field is being maintained while it is in play. As a result, we often see the maintenance staff during our round, especially fairway and rough mowers.

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Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know

s golfers, a small amount of our time and attention can go a long way in helping to maintain high-quality playing conditions on the courses we play. Repairing ball marks on the putting greens is an easy way to make a positive impact, but the importance of ball mark repair and the proper tools and technique are often misunderstood. Here are five…

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Tiger Woods: What you want to know standing on a par 3

By Daniel Rapaport Tour pros take in a great deal of information before hitting a shot into a par 3. What’s the raw yardage to the flag, the front of the green, and the back? Is it playing uphill or downhill, and how much? How much room do I have between the pin and the edge…

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