Renewals and Upgrades

GIMME Renewals

RenewalsRenew Your Players Club

Visit any ACGT pro shop to renew your membership.

Renewal Policy:

  • You may only renew your membership within 30 days of the expiration date.
  • If you have not renewed by your expiration date, your profile will return to regular pricing and all discounts will be removed from your profile.
  • If you are currently expired, discounts and Players Club pricing will be updated to your profile after you renew your membership.

  • We DO NOT issue a new Players Club Card upon renewal! Please keep your old one. Every few years we change up the card design and you will receive a new card during your next renewal period after the change. If you need a replacement before that time, there will be a $5 charge.


We are no longer offering upgrades. Read our New Upgrade Policy for details.

New Upgrade Policy:

  • You may purchase a Higher Players Club Membership level at anytime, but your previous membership purchase will no longer be prorated or refunded.
  • You may only renew your current level membership within 30 days of the expiration date.

If you have any questions about our Upgrade policy, please feel free to call us.

| GIMME 1 - $59.95 | GIMME 2 - $169.95 | GIMME 3 - $399.95 | Platinum - $2500 | Unlimited Cart - $1000 | Unlimited Range - $500 |