Loyalty Points

ACGT Loyalty PointsEarn 100 Points and Receive a Coupon for a FREE Green Fee!
Points are earned as follows:

  • 18 Hole Green Fee = 10 Points
  • 9 Hole Green Fee = 5 Points
  • Twilight Green Fee = 5 Points
  • Large Bucket of Range Balls = 5 Points
  • 9-Hole Par 3 Course Green Fee = 5 Points

* Points automatically accumulate under your Membership #

* Upon earning 100 points coupon will print out on your receipt
------------ Coupons not replaceable if lost or stolen ------------

* Coupon is required to redeem and is non-transferable

* Must have your Membership card scanned to receive points

* Points reset to zero January 1st

Be sure to always scan your AGCT Players club card when paying for rounds or large buckets of balls at the driving range and view the bottom of your receipt for updated point totals. Call (210) 212-7572 for your current balance.