2019 ACGT TOUR Event #8 - San Pedro Match Play ~ April 27th & 28th

The 2018 ACGT TOUR is
Proudly Presented by:

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The ACGT Tour Sposor: Mr. Rooter

Event Handicaps:
Each golfers ACGT Tour index was cut by 35%
Tee Boxes: 
ALL GOLFERS will play from the same Black ACGT Tour TEES.
A scorecard will be given for each match.
Double Elimination Matches:
This tourney will be True Double Elimination.
See Attached Bracket. As Matches Come Off The Course, The Next Round will be paired 
and sent to the #1 Tee. All Matches will start on HOLE #1. 
Here's the catch.....When your match is paired and sent to the #1 Tee Box, You MUST BE PRESENT.
Whats Included:
2-Large Buckets per golfer.
Hamburger Lunch w/Fries & Beverage (Beginning Serving Lunch @ 11am)
Points Distribution:
Flight First Name Last Name Final Place Points
B10 Jason Bird 1st Place 300
D9 Alan McFarland 2nd Place 270
c7 Ron Tatsch 3rd Place 240
B1 Ruben Caraveo 4th Place 210
D12 Don Marcott T-5 180
A4 Sean Vidal T-5 180
A2 Aaron Flores T-7 150
c6 Michael Freeman T-7 150
B6 Doug Calkins T-9 120
c1 Ubaldo Elguea T-9 120
A12 Ruben Ramirez T-9 120
D4 John Tirey T-9 120
B4 wolfgang avery T-13 105
B9 Scott Cunningham T-13 105
A7 Dustin Hassan T-13 105
c12 Montgomery Michael T-13 105
c3 Chris Campbell T-17 90
A1 Casey Carnes T-17 90
B7 Trenis  Evens JR T-17 90
D13 Carlos Gomez T-17 90
D8 Charles Holden T-17 90
A10 Jerry Mulder T-17 90
c9 Trey Tollette T-17 90
c2 Rene Ubale T-17 90
A3 Jonathan  Aken T-25 75
A9 Michael Dermanuelian T-25 75
c10 Trenis Evans T-25 75
D2 Tony Floyd T-25 75
B11 Chris Hughes T-25 75
B3 Chris Palacios T-25 75
c11 Steve Robert T-25 75
D10 joe workman T-25 75
c13 Robert Bernsen T-41 60
B2 Gerald Boag T-41 60
A13 Victor Cocchia T-41 60
D5 Jason  Cross T-41 60
D3 Roland DeLaGarza T-41 60
D6 Austin Drain T-41 60
D11 Gregory Graf T-41 60
A8 Casey Graham T-41 60
c4 Jack Higginbotham T-41 60
B5 Graig Keough T-41 60
c8 Bryan Murphy T-41 60
B8 Eric Polivka T-41 60
B13 kent simnitt T-41 60
A5 Jeff Vexler T-41 60
D1 Alfredo Zapata T-41 60
A11 Jesse Allen T-48 45
c5 Lee Mull T-48 45
B12 Mark Riser T-48 45
D7 Brian Spencer T-48 45

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