2018 ACGT Tour ~ Spring #7 ~ 3/23/18 MATCH PLAY @ NORTHERN HILLS

The ACGT Tour is proud to announce Mr. Rooter San Antonio as The 2018 ACGT Tour Presenting Sponsor!
Jerry Mulder & Mr. Rooter are partnering with The ACGT Tour and are looking
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Event Handicaps:
Each golfer received 70% of ACGT Tour index .Then to the course. 
The furthest right # below is the Hcap used for this tournament.
The higher handicap golfer in each match, will receive the difference of
strokes starting on the #1 Hcap hole. 
Tee Boxes: 
ALL GOLFERS under 61 yrs of age will play from the same Black ACGT Tour TEES.
Senior Golfers will play from the white tees.
A scorecard will be given for each match.
Custom Elimination Matches:
This tourney will be a custom Elimination.
See Attached Bracket. 
16 golfers received 1st round bye's.
32 golfers will compete @ 8am in round #1.
The winners will play again @ 1:30pm against the bye's.
The Losers will receive an afternoon bye. 
Points Distribution and Prizes :
1st Place  MANUEL CASANOVA 300 pts
2nd Place  Casey  Graham 270 pts
3rd Place  Luke LeGrand 240 pts
4th Place  Trey Tollette 210 pts
T-5th Place Michael Freeman 180 pts
  Bryan  Murphy 180 pts
T7th Place Jesse  Allen 150 pts
  Dustin Hassan 150 pts
T-9th Place Gerald Boag 135 pts
  Sean Vidal 135 pts
  wolfgang avery 135 pts
  Mark Trevino 135 pts
T-13th Place Dustin Weldon 105 pts
  Scott Cunningham 105 pts
  Graig Keough 105 pts
  Rusty Marshal 105 pts
T17th Place Zeke Martinez 90 pts
  Jack Higginbotham 90 pts
  John Neyland 90 pts
  William Evans 90 pts
  Mark  Miller 90 pts
  Victor Cocchia 90 pts
  Alan Columbo 90 pts
T25th Place Patrick Eaves 75 pts
  Chris campbell 75 pts
  Brent Park 75 pts
  Charles Holden 75 pts
  Chad Jones 75 pts
  Mark Riser 75 pts
  Patrick DiCosimo 75 pts
  Gregory Graf 75 pts
T33rd Place Roger Arguijo 60 pts
  Jason Bird 60 pts
  Doug Calkins 60 pts
  Ruben  Caraveo 60 pts
  Allen Crowder 60 pts
  Ubaldo Elguea 60 pts
  David falconnier 60 pts
  Ben Marshal 60 pts
  Al  Martin  60 pts
  Alan  McFarland 60 pts
  Jerry Mulder 60 pts
  Chris Palacios 60 pts
  Dennis Rehkop 60 pts
  Chase Saunders 60 pts
  Brian  Spencer 60 pts
  Rene Uballe 60 pts